Why Learnatics.com?

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Why did I start this new blog about learning?
There are so many reasons, here a few that matter to me:

  • To make you successful.
  • To give you a choice.
  • To spread knowledge and insights I learned over time.
  • To give something back and help you.
  • To get feedback and new insights into what works for you to help you and others even better.

Also, this blog should serve as a source of inspiration for my kids when they are older and struggle to learn new and complex material or have to master the different challenges of life.

I’ve read so many books, biographies, blogs and joined seminars about becoming successful in the different aspects of our life. When I look at my career in the corporate environment, later as an entrepreneur and as a father of two amazing kids, learning quickly and building up a lot of knowledge gives you a huge advantage.
It sounds so simple, but it took me several years to realize that.
Especially when you want to become financially successful, you have to solve our society’s challenging problems. The market pays you for solving problems. Minor issues like, e.g., cleaning a house, have less value to be solved than developing web apps or building clever marketing or sales funnels.

I want to make something evident for you and my kids from the beginning. If you take just one thing with you from this first post, then it should be this:

The gap between you and your biggest goals or dreams is applied knowledge.

Understanding this sentence is so powerful.
Some of you would probably say: Of course, knowledge is power. Everybody knows that.
But there is more to it; knowledge is just potential power. It is the first step and your foundation for pursuing the most significant endeavors. The second step for solving the equation to reach your goals is: Applying your knowledge, getting into action. I’ll write about several tools and techniques to master this second part of the game, which is equally important.

Building up knowledge is one of the best and safest investments you could make. Money could be taken from you in a sheer infinite amount of ways, any time. You could be fired, you could lose at the stock market, one of the big players on the internet could change an algorithm, and your former income stream is not working anymore, someone could simply steal money from you, or inflation will do that slowly.
The things you learned and understood will stick with you and help you get that money back, probably way faster than before. You know the principles and the right mindset to repeat success.

How to get that knowledge? Right, with learning.
How to get there fast? Or how to get there at all? You have to learn about the proper learning techniques first. If that basis is not established, you’ll lose years of your life with re-learning things, re-reading the same books or information over and over again.
It sounds obvious and trivial, but I would say that most people never really learned how to learn. Learning often is not taught at schools. You might have been lucky to have an intelligent teacher or professor who taught you the learning principles. But most of us are just left alone with understanding learning. Then you end up cramming in ways like re-reading the same page over and over again until you believe it sticks.
I would also argue that for many individuals more complex problems can’t be tackled without knowing efficient learning techniques first because you cannot hold enough data in your memory to see the big picture, make the right connections and come up with a solution.

Congratulations, you read my first post, which shows that you are one of the few personalities who seek more and do something for it. It is my dream to help you reach your dreams.

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Join me on this journey; you won’t regret it!

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